Reflecting on the global celebrations for Frankie 99

We know that many people are waiting with bated breath for more information about Frankie 100… Though we aren’t ready to make any further announcements just yet, we’re still riding the good vibes of the Frankie 99 wave and this might be a nice time to recap on the May 2013 events.

Birthday parties for Frankie have always been extensive celebrations, often spanning for 3 months or more in locations across the world. Frankie 99 marked a new development in Frankie Manning celebrations with a true unification of the world’s tributes to Frankie all connected through social media: Facebook, YouTube and the the blog.

The world of Lindy Hop has now grown beyond our ability to edit all the dancing into a video that spans just one song, so instead we invited people from around the world to make their own independent videos to share online. These open videos led to a lot of creativity and a truly global look at what Lindy Hop means today. You can check out the full birthday blog and all of the videos at

Over 130 groups marked their events on the global participation map:

View Frankie 99th Birthday Celebrations in a larger map

LennarteWaChoreographed by his students Ewa Burak and Lennart Westerlund, the Frankie 99 choreography references some of Frankie’s signature steps that he used to teach.

Here are a few favourites that really capture the global nature of today’s Lindy Hop.

Lindy Hop in Maputo, Mozambique, Africa anyone?

The cutest video ever from Taiwan!

And could this possibly be any more Parisian?

There are so many more amazing videos from around the world, over 100 actually and there are still a few more rolling in! I hope you’ll go and check them out at

Frankie 100 will certainly be an incredible event in NYC, but of course not every Lindy Hopper from around the world will be able to make it so we look forward to sharing the celebrations via social media and the internet again in a new, more innovative way nexdt year.

Thank you for the legacy, Frankie! And of course, stay tuned for upcoming 100 announcements.

~Mandi Gould
Frankie 100 Team