Global Frankie Celebrations

Celebrate Frankie Manning’s Hundredth Birthday & World Lindy Hop in your home town

Besides the big Festival in New York City at the end of May, we encourage Frankie fans from all over the world (whether or not you are attending the actual Festival) to celebrate Frankie’s 100th birthday and World Lindy Hop Day.

Throw a Frankie 100 celebration at home! 

Need ideas for your event? 

Leading up to May 26th, make the entire month of May Frankie Month:

  • Frankie Manning inspired dance classes
  • Sharing Frankie videos and stories
  • Fundraising for the Frankie Manning Foundation

In the spirit of Frankie, we encourage you to:

  1. Collaborate and make it inclusive within the community. Contact other dancers and local organizers and work together to make it a celebration that unites all dancers in your community.
  2. Promote the spirit of Frankie with these values: respect, generosity, inclusivity, humbleness, joy, authenticity to the roots of the dance. You can find a list of values here.
  3. Consider donating proceeds to the Frankie Manning Foundation. The Frankie Manning Foundation preserves the legacy of Frankie and promotes Lindy Hop worldwide through events and celebrations, as well ambassador programs, scholarships and youth initiatives. The Frankie Manning Foundation relies on donations to achieve these missions. Events that make a donation to the Frankie Manning Foundation will receive special recognition on our website as all donations help to realize Frankie’s dreams in projects such as scholarships and youth programming. Contributing events will receive special recognition on our website.

We are creating a worldwide map of all F100 events, and providing organizers of the global celebrations with access to live streaming, videos, promotional materials and more. In order to stay connected to the celebrations around the world, please fill out our form with the details of your event:

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Frankie 100 Choreo