Commemorative Book

Commemorative Book

Thousands of Lindy Hoppers from all over the world will be coming to NYC to celebrate the life of one of our favorite elders, Frankie Manning.

Many more people wanted to be there but couldn’t. For them, for those fortunates coming to New York in May, and for future generations of Lindy Hoppers, we’d like to put together a commemorative booklet memorializing this event.

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Our Goal
Frankie100 marks a time of transition. Most of Frankie’s generation are no longer with us; in part we plan to celebrate with and honor those who remain. Plus, the Lindy Hop scene worldwide has mushroomed from a small close-knit band of seekers rediscovering this dance in the 1980s, to early adopters starting to spread it in the 1990s, to where it is today, fully back on the world stage.

It will be impossible to include, or even recognize, everyone on the scene today within the confines of a booklet — it would probably take at least a sizable telephone directory (for those of you old enough to remember those). We want to share the inspiration of a sampling of scenes from around the world, tying it back to the inspiration Frankie has been for us all.

The booklet to comprise:

  • Interviews
  • Articles
  • Community-building games and activities
  • Maps of local places
  • Things to do in New York City, provided by our New York Team
  • Other ideas too great to be ignored!
  • Advertising

And please spread the word by forwarding this to any Lindy Hoppers you know.

Thank you,

Deborah Huisken
Managing Editor


Frequently Asked Questions about the Booklet

  1. How big will the book be, in terms actual size and number of pages? We are planning an 8.5 inch x 11 inch book of 100 pages.
  2. Will it be free for attendees, or sold at the event? Both — free for people who registered for the whole event, and sold to people who attend the public events.
  3. Where will it be available, only at the event for those attending, or online for everyone? other places? We are planning to do both an on-line version and to print these at an on-demand printer, so people can obtain a hard copy [probably either through Amazon or through the Frankie Foundation website — Mandi, can you confirm this?}
  4. How many copies will be produced? We are planning an initial print run of 3000; no way to estimate on-line or the print-on-demand numbers.
  5. What does an ad cost? See the advertising price list, below.