Save the Date Announced!

As of May 27th, 2013 the event has been announced!

Now we ask Lindy Hoppers everywhere to help spread the word!!!!

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FRANKIE 100: May 22-26, 2014, New York City

Frankie Manning Centennial & World Lindy Hop Day

Celebrate the life and legacy of Lindy Hop legend Frankie Manning on his 100th birthday!

From May 22nd – May 26th, 2014, New York City, the birthplace of Lindy Hop and the Savoy Ballroom, will play host to a spectacular birthday celebration for Lindy Hop Legend Frankie Manning, one of America’s most charming and inspirational cultural ambassadors. The goals of the celebration are to:

• Honour Frankie Manning’s memory
• Further his legacy
• Support and promote the dance and music that he loved
• Inaugurate May 26th (Frankie’s birthday) as World Lindy Hop Day

Lindy Hoppers, jazz musicians, swing legends, friends and supporters from around the world will descend upon New York City for five days and nights of dancing. The event will include

• social dancing to incredible live music
• workshops taught by the best lindy hop teachers and dancers in the world
• the return of the Hellzapoppin’ dance competition
• tribute performances
• panel discussions
• video presentations
• tours
• more!


Building the Frankie 100 Dream Team

Planning an event of such epic proportion can be daunting. There is so much love and passion for this event to take place, and where Frankie Manning is concerned we believe that where there’s a will there’s definitely a way. Though it’s taken some time to build a team of Frankie disciples willing and available to execute the event, we’re sure that everyone will agree that it’s definitely been worth the wait.

The most important part of an event like this is YOU. All of YOU. Lindy Hoppers everywhere. But if you think about it, that’s not “you” in fact, but “us”… Lindy Hop is certainly the most inclusive binding force of nature and exceptional world community that I, for one, have ever experienced. When you learn your first swing dance steps you become a Lindy Hopper and it turns in to WE. We, the Lindy Hoppers of the world, are part of Frankie’s legacy. We are part of something bigger. And that’s what Frankie 100 is going to be all about. We, the Lindy Hoppers of the World, descending from all parts of the world on New York City to celebrate a life and a legacy that has touched us all.

Frankie Manning & Mandi GouldSee you in New York next May!

Mandi Gould
Frankie Manning Foundation