Vintage Shopping

23rd Street Shops

Vintage Thrift Shop United Jewish Council
286 3rd Ave (between 23rd and 22nd St)
This is the best vintage shop in this row – you could potentially score a true vintage piece here – 40/50s jackets, some lovely dresses, men’s and women accessories, with some affordable bargains, but mostly moderate pricing.

Housing Works
157 East 23rd St
A mid-to-high end thrift store with designer clothing, jewelry, books, furniture, and some beautiful odds and ends.

220 E 23rd St #1
A nice thrift store with decent pricing. It is charmingly cluttered and filled to the brim with random racks and stacks.  They usually have an impressive shoe collection and plenty of clothing.

Salvation Army
208 E 23rd St
This is the cheapest thrift store of the row, but it can be very hit or miss when it comes to true vintage. If you have time to go through the racks you may find inexpensive dresses, suit separates, men’s ties, and accessories – but be sure to inspect each piece for any staining, discolouration, or damage.

Cause for Paws
220 E 23rd St #212
Their collection is not the greatest for the pricing, but you may just find the treasure that you were looking for.

City Opera Thrift Shop
222 E 23rd St
This store is a mixed bag; they do get occasional true vintage pieces mixed with designer labels.

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Union Square and East Village Shops

Beacon’s Closet
74 Guernsey St, New York, NY 11222
This store has a wealth of vintage and trendy men’s and women’s clothing/accessories.  It is usually well curated and very reasonably priced.

74 5th Avenue
Come here for the mix of vintage clothing accessories, costumes, and kitschy knickknacks.  You may find the occasional true vintage piece.

Cure Thrift
111 E 12th Street
This store has moderate pricing in it’s 2-level establishment.  Vintage, trendy clothing, furniture, and knickknacks may be found.

Love Saves the Day
119 2nd Ave
It’s a real mix here: 50s-80s mostly, reproduction costumes.

Fabulous Fannies
335 E 9th St
Specializing in eye glasses and men’s and women’s clothing.  All high quality.

Archangel Antiques
334 E 9th St
There’s tons of clothing and accessories.  The store is famous for buttons.

Rue St. Denis
170 Avenue B
Lots of dead stock European clothing from the 60s/70s. It is pricey but really inspiring.

H. Stock
143 E 13th St
Specializing in men’s clothing from the 30s-50s.  Very high end prices, but WOW…worth a look.

To see how close these stores are to you, check out this map:

Miscellaneous Vintage Stores

Fine and Dandy

445 W 49th St, New York, NY 10019
For dapper gents and dandy women who prefer unused/new versus vintage/used accessories that have already been worn or may have some issues or wear and tear, this gem of a store is your answer. It may be small but it packs a wonderful array of accessories, including suspenders, neckwear, cufflinks, tie bars, pocket squares, handkerchiefs, scarves, spats, cumber bands, wallets and more! A convenient one stop shop to spruce up your look. Pricing is moderate. Pricing is moderate to expensive. This store is walkable to the Hell’s Kitchen flea market (smallish compared to the Chelsea Antiques Garage or Brooklyn Flea).


Family Jewels
130 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011
Stocks both men and women’s vintage fashions, due to location/higher rents the pricing of inventory in this store reflects accordingly. There is a wide variety of items, many options for accessories, jewelry, shoes, and hats besides clothing. Be prepared to be paying higher prices (if you don’t have the time or resources to scour true vintage for less) this place can outfit you by era.  The shopgirls are always impeccably dressed from head to toe and very knowledgeable in vintage fashion.

Beacon’s Closet – Williamsburg
88 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
This is essentially a large loft housing vintage/gently used clothing but not necessarily earlier eras. The buyers of this store basically follow trends, pick quirky and interesting clothing. Very organized store racks are usually arranged by color theme. Besides men’s and women’s clothing, a wide array of accessories, shoes, hats, some jewelry etc.