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The word “park” came up in many New Yorkers’ enthusiastic responses. There are many favourite parks in the city, from the renowned Central Park and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to less crowded parks with gorgeous river views, like Hudson River Park, Fort Tryon Park, Riverside Park, and Gantry State Plaza in Queens. The High Line and Union Square Park are popular among New Yorkers, and piers count as public spaces to get great views of the city waterfront as well.

Some of the greatest gifts the city has for residents and visitors are its “melting pot” offerings, mainly the variety of cuisines you can find within a 10-minute radius. For example, within a few blocks in the downtown neighborhood Chelsea, the selection ranges from common, well-loved dishes like pizza (Grimaldi’s) to specialty desserts (Donut Plant). Food trucks are a recent phenomenon, as are markets that cater to a wide variety of tastes, like Eataly for all facets of Italian food and Smorgasburg for the city’s latest trendy and fusion offerings.

Longtime resident Laurel C. recommends that you “give yourself ‘down time’” to explore different neighborhoods and speak to locals. You may find out some rare gems in the city, including Barcade, a bar with old cabinet games in Williamsburg, and Maison Premiere, an oyster house nearby. Many hyped locations are also totally worth it, including Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s spring blossoms and the Top of the Rock observation deck, which is comparable (and better, some claim) than the oft-mentioned Empire State Building.

Navigating the Subway – Many apps were mentioned in helping New Yorkers navigate the complex system and the many service changes during late nights and weekends. These include:

Transportation Do’s and Don’ts: Speaking from experience, many New Yorkers provided cautionary advice about how to make the most of your subway experience:

  • DO mind your Smartphones on the train.
  • DO download maps for trains and buses ahead of time (one can do this on Embark)
  • DO stand on the right hand side of subway escalators. Walk on the right hand side for sidewalks and stairs.
  • DO leave plenty of time to travel around the city – leave early, especially on weekends.
  • DO take off your bag when you get in the subway train.
  • DO pay closer attention to the letters and numbers rather than the color of each subway line!
  • DON’T walk side by side with someone in the same direction on the subway (we’re not as unfriendly as our habits!)
  • DON’T hire a livery cab. They’re ripoffs! Get a Yellow or Green cab instead.
  • DON’T finish phone calls on the subway stairs.

But most importantly, DON’T be afraid to ask questions to the locals, but just be direct and ask straight away!

General Advice – for your health and wallet!

  • Bring lots of antihistamines as it is allergy season in NYC!
  • Walking is a great way to know the city.
  • Instead of paying full price for a Broadway show, google “rush tickets” or “standing room tickets” for great deals!
  • Make sure you tip your servers, bartenders, cab drivers, etc.

For other questions regarding NYC in general, feel free to email the Frankie 100 Hospitality team at or call our hotline number at +1(515)-63-LINDY or (515) 635-4639.




Special thanks to: Christina Dallons, Laurel Carpenter, Emily DeWan, Kristen Harker, Eileen O’Donnell, Lynn Redmile, Cynthia Millman, Zev Rogoff, Yvonne Coneybeare, and Megan Morrison for contributions to the article!




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