Herräng in an Afternoon: Sunday, May 25th

Spend an afternoon getting a glimpse of the Herräng bubble! One of Frankie’s favourite camps, Herräng is a crazy place where there is always something happening, any time of day or night. You can never experience everything as there is so much going on. Come and be a part of a 2 hour fast-forward week of Herräng.

This event will take place Sunday afternoon at Terminal 5 from 2pm to 4pm.

Be one of the first in the door to receive your limited edition Herräng Dance Camp Frankie 100 camp passports. You can check in, attend a meeting, listen to a Library Talk, compete in a competition, perform for 30 seconds in the Cabaret, ride a bike, wear a costume and party hard!

If you want to volunteer with us you can email us (fiona@herrang.com) – and you should definitely wear your Volunteer Tshirt from a previous year!