Full Event Packages

*Please note that all tickets for Frankie 100 are non-refundable.

Advanced tickets for full weekend packages to Frankie 100 have sold out, however there are still opportunities to buy a pass!

It’s not too late to get a festival pass! Frankie 100 is a much larger event than we are used to and with thousands of people attending, we have many tickets that need to change hands. We’ve setup a Frankie Ticket Market so that people who want to buy and sell tickets can easily find each other. Click here!

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  • BASIC PACKAGE – $329.00
    • The basic package of $329 includes all daytime activities (May 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) including World Lindy Hop Day on Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day, holiday Monday in the USA), as well as nighttime activities on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
    • In addition to the the basic event package, you can opt-in for the Thursday show at the historic Apollo Theater and the Monday Grande Finale party as well as event workshops. These pieces are separated into separate components in order to manage attendance for those parts of the weekend.
    • These opt-ins prices indicated are available for full weekend event pass holders only. Individual tickets for Thursday and Monday may be available to the general public at a later date and a much higher price, space permitting.

    There will be a zero tolerance policy for scalping or re-selling tickets at a higher price than the original purchase price + transfer fee. If identified, these tickets will be null and void. If you are no longer able to attend Frankie 100, you may transfer your pass. Please visit the FAQ for more information.   

Event Packages
Basic Event Pass Access 5 days of activities and 3 nights of dance parties at our primary venue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. $329.00
Thursday Show opt-in
7pm seating at Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater + choice of evening activities (see below)
10pm seating at Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater + choice of evening activities (see below)
Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater upgraded seating – best seats in the house! 7pm or 10pm seatings available + choice of evening activities (see below) $28.50
Monday Night opt-in Grand Finale Party $20.00
Event Add-Ons
Please note that you’ll be able to log back in to your registration account later to upgrade to any of these add-on options, at least until the point that each options has sold out.
Add workshops to your event pass. $15 for “onesies” or $10/class for Tracks
Please see the workshops page for details
Hellzapoppin’ Competition The return of the Hellzapoppin’ Competition – winner takes all! $50/couple
Commemorative t-shirts or posters $25.00 each
Limited Edition Frankie 100 bag tag (metallic Savoy themed art) $35.00 each
Thursday Night Options for Apollo Ticket Holders… coming soon! These “Choose Your Own Adventure” options will be emailed directly to ticket holders.
**TICKETS FOR FRANKIE 100 ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.** However, should you be unable to attend the event yourself, your ticket may be transferred to a different name for a small administrative fee. Please visit the Registration FAQ for more information.

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We recognize that the cost of Frankie 100 is high and, unfortunately, might not be affordable for many people. The organizing team for Frankie 100 is both thrilled to put on an event of this magnitude in New York City, but also regret the excessive costs related to venues and event production in Manhattan.

Production costs for a festival of this size are very high. New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world to put on a large scale event. But New York City is where Frankie lived and danced for nearly his entire life, and where lindy hop was born.

We feel strongly that if there were ever a time to do it right, it’s now, in honor of the one man who deserves it, Mr. Frankie Manning. We are committed to putting on a world class event in Frankie’s honour, in the place that he called home.

We are grateful to the generosity of our extensive Staff and Cast of Guests, all of whom are donating their time and talents to help make this event happen. Because of the high cost of production, no Lindy Hoppers are actually being paid to work on this event. The only paid artists of any kind at Frankie 100 will be the musicians — all other human resources have been donated. So in considering what looks like a hefty price tag of US $70 per day in New York City, please remember that this is all for Frankie and his legacy. We’re sure that you’ll find it to be money well spent.


Full Event Packages
  • Wave 1 – Asia & Australia – Tuesday, September 17th – SOLD OUT
  • Wave 2 – Europe & Africa – Wednesday, September 18th – SOLD OUT
  • Wave 3 – North & South America – Thursday, September 19th – SOLD OUT
  • Wave 4 – The World – Saturday, September 21st – SOLD OUT
  • Waiting List – the waiting list has now closed. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop.

Global registration dates took place on the following dates:

  • Wave 1 – Asia & Australia – Tuesday, September 17th – SOLD OUT in 70 minutes
    • September 17, 16:00-0:00 local time in Seoul.
    • Includes Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (UTC+5 to UTC+12, i.e. Delhi to Auckland).
  • Wave 2 – Europe & Africa – Wednesday, September 18th – SOLD OUT in 19 minutes
    • September 18, 16:00-0:00 local time in Paris.
    • Includes Europe, Africa, and the Middle East (UTC0 to UTC +4, i.e. London to Moscow).
  • Wave 3 – North & South America – Thursday, September 19th – SOLD OUT in 10 minutes
    • September 19, 16:00-0:00 local time in Chicago (That’s 17:00-01:00 Frankie time, i.e. in New York.)
    • Includes North and South America, plus Greenland (UTC-10 to UTC-3, i.e. Honolulu to Rio de Janeiro).
  • Wave 4 – Second Chance Wave! – The World – Saturday, September 21st – SOLD OUT in 3 minutes

We will be monitoring registration to ensure that only people physically located within a given Wave register during that Wave’s registration time. If you try to register during a Wave that is not yours, your registration will be cancelled.