NYC Cultural Activities

Welcome to New York City! In addition to our full schedule of dancing, we understand that visiting Manhattan is an exciting experience and opportunity for tourism. As such, we will be offering a number of activities to take place day times during the festival. There will be a number of excursions to choose from and these outings will offer you a chance to connect with a group of like-minded Lindy Hoppers and share the NYC experience… with all of the the camaraderie, curiosity and shenanigans that make us so uniquely Lindy Hoppers. Whether your interest is music, history, architecture, fashion or gourmet donuts, we’ve got a cultural activity for you.

Cultural activities have been organised to take place during the festival, and many will be free to take part in for full weekend participants.

Please refer to the Full Event Schedule for all meet up times and locations.

Scroll down the page for maps & locations. 

DAILY Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 11am Meet Up

■ ● ●  Woodlawn Cemetery

Frankie Manning was buried here, as well as over 300,000 other people, including many jazz notables such as Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, and Lionel Hampton. You can visit this huge and beautiful cemetery whenever you like, but you might like to do it at the same time as many other Lindy hoppers, in which case you should select this as an option, but if you do, beware that there is a risk of the shim sham. Woodlawn now has it’s own page here.



■ ● ●  Walking tours of Harlem

A guided tour through Harlem, with snippets of information from your guide on the famous ballrooms and speakeasies of the swing era.  Of course it shall take in the plaque marking the site of the Savoy, the Alhambra, the Apollo, and more.  Six tours will take place, with a maximum of 25 people per tour.  A $10 fee applies to pay for the professional guide.  You must book in advance.

■ ● ●  Vintage hair styling and make-up

Want styling tips for period hair?  Hoping to look the part for the evening?  Book in for a session of coiffure and Max Factor.  Sessions at 2 p.m. 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.  Booking essential.

■ ● ●   The Museum of Natural History

A huge and superb museum, covering dinosaurs, native American Indians, space exploration, animals of the world, geology, and it has a planetarium and IMAX cinema.  The entry fee is a suggested donation of $22, but visitors are allowed to enter with smaller donations, and you may find it more comfortable to pay a lower amount if in the company of many others doing the same.  This could easily fill a day.



■ ● ●  Commemorative NYC Video

We have thousands of talented dancers from all over the world, and one of the world’s most amazing cities for a backdrop. Let’s make a video!  Become a cast member, or just help out for as long a time as you choose.  We’re going On The Town!  Three sailors want to see the city in a hurry, and meet three fine gals

■ ● ●  The Guggenheim Art Gallery

The world-famous museum of modern art.  The entry fee is normally $22.75, but if you are on this trip, you pay just $18 and don’t have to wait in line for tickets.

■ ● ● International Food Safari.

Participants will be divided into teams of 5-8 people.  The teams will then visit food outlets in the city to find food from different international cuisines (some guidance for where to look for these things will be provided).  At each outlet, one team member will buy one dish for the whole team to sample, and each member will rate the food.  Only one item of each national cuisine is permitted per team, however teams are permitted to sample more national cuisines than there are members (the highest-scoring dish will count).  This way, each team member will not have to spend much in order to sample many different cuisines.  Prizes for the teams that create the best safaris.  Which nation’s cuisine will be the most highly rated?  All welcome.



■ ● ●  Flea market challenge

While of course you could just tour the Saturday and Sunday markets and buy nothing, you could take part in the flea market challenge! What gems and bargains will you discover?  Prizes awarded in such categories as ‘Heaviest item for under a dollar’, ‘Most mysterious object’, and ‘Tackiest New York souvenir’.  Will you out-shop Dawn Hampton?  All welcome.

■ ● ● Photography Safari

Participants will be put into groups of 5-8 people, and given a map and a set of photograph titles.  Each team then visits the various places shown on the map, in whatever order it chooses, and takes one photograph at each location with a digital camera.  The photographs should show that the team has been to the places (at least one team member must be in-shot) and should represent that team’s interpretation of the given title.  Prizes will be awarded for the best photographs, the best team entry, and slide shows of the best entries will be shown in the evenings.  Start at the post office where Frankie first started work as a postman.  All welcome.

■ ● ●  The High Line

Once a raised railway line, this is now a free-entry public park stretching one and a half miles through some fascinating quarters of the city.  Because it is long and thin, it’s next to impossible to get lost, so you can take the walk at your own pace, knowing that it will be a cinch to get back on route and find more of your Lindy hopping colleagues.  There are many detours along the way you might want to investigate, and the route itself is dotted with points of interest and views of the city, with some cosy seating areas as well as a smallish lawn for some modest gatherings.  All welcome.



■ ● ●  Gospel Brunch

A New York tradition is to eat Sunday ‘brunch’ (supposedly a late breakfast, but these days typically at lunch time) while listening to a gospel choir praise the Lord as only such choirs can.  A hearty soul food buffet with entertainment all-inclusive for just $37.  Booking essential.

■ ● ●   Lindy hoppers’ picnic

A picnic is a meal eaten in the open air, in which people share their food.  What better way is there to sample a wide array of food, and relax in the midst of a bustling city?  Food will not be provided by the organisers, but by the participants themselves.  We will advise regarding delicatessens and other sources of food, and arrange the location(s), and perhaps some games/activities during the picnic, and then set you free to do it your way.  You are Lindy hoppers, adept at sharing the fun on the dance-floor, and we know that you can do the same with bagels.  Please do not bring alcohol or loud speakers as these are against park rules.  All welcome.

■ ● ●  Walking tour of New York’s architecture

Like art deco?  Partial to a nice skyscraper?  Appreciate a fine brownstone?  This tour is for you.  Walk around the city and gawp, as myriads have before you, at the lines and scale of Manhattan.  Wear comfy shoes, because this walk is not a short one. $15.  Advance booking essential.

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Participating in the cultural activities, along with most of the options listed in the A-Z drop down menu, is included in your Frankie 100 pass. Frankie 100 pass holders should pre-register for each option they want to attend starting on February 15th. Please see for more information.