SECONDARY EVENTS – Personalized Options

There is a lot going on at Frankie 100 so you might be wondering what your event pass will include. The great news is that with your event wristband you’ll have access to every single one of the incredible main events that we’re preparing. Yes, there are secondary events and some of them filled up quickly or may have cost an extra fee in order to manage those venue capacities, but those really aren’t the main events anyways. Full weekend pass holders have access to ALL of our incredible main events which are ONLY available open to full participants.

In addition to the main programming, there are some secondary options that you may select to personalize your Frankie 100 experience.


“I wasn’t able to sign up for the Personalized options in February OR I didn’t get in to some of the options I wanted. Will more open up?”

If you didn’t sign up for some of our secondary or tertiary programs through the Personalize your Frankie 100 Experience selection process, not to worry. There are still spots available in a few activities. When you do your Check In for the event, you’ll have a chance to see if any additional options have opened up. Our Check In Team will direct you to a special table for this. AND… There are also some electives that will have lots of rush tickets available for participants at the door, so you can get in to these events even if they didn’t sign up in advance! Rush tickets will be available for: