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The on line registration for Sunday classes will close after Friday!!  You can still register on Sunday at door.  $20 cash only.

smallerWe are excited to announce this special program for young dancers 18 years of age and under in conjunction with the regular weekend event taking place May 22nd through 26th!

youth video projectThe Frankie 100 Youth Program aims to honor Frankie’s legacy in dance through the outreach and education of the next generation of young Lindy Hoppers. In the spirit of Frankie, we will offer programming over the weekend targeted at involving as many young people as possible.

There will be classes and events held for everyone; from experienced young Lindy Hoppers to first time dancers; we hope to spread Frankie’s joy for Lindy to as many young people as we can! If you have questions about Youth Program, please contact us at

Youth Schedule


Frankie 100 Youth Classes will happen in two ways:

  1. Public Classes and Events for everyone including absolute beginners
  2. Tracked Classes for dancers with experience

You DO NOT need to have a weekend pass to participate in either of the Youth Programs!

Classes Open to the Public:
Saturday May 24th, at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center (61 W 62 St, New York, NY.  Please click HERE for the venue map)

“Frankie’s Legacy” Public Classes:
“Frankie’s Legacy” classes will be open public classes held for all young dancers or youth new to dance who are interested in attending. The classes will be held at Lincoln Center in the David Rubenstein Atrium. Top international instructors with established backgrounds in the education and outreach of youth in swing will give these classes.

Frankie 100 Youth Tracked Class Program:
Saturday May 24th and Sunday May 25th at The Alvin Ailey Dance Studios (405 W 55th St, New York, NY.  Please click HERE for the venue map. )

“Frankie Next Generation” Tracked Classes:
These are tracked classes for young dancers with some experience in Swing, Lindy Hop or who have other dance training 10 – 18 years of age wanting the opportunity to immerse themselves in Swing for the weekend. The “Next Generation” track of classes will be taught by top international instructors who have displayed a history of outstanding work in the instruction and outreach of youth in Swing. Each Group (A and B) will have 3 classes held at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Studios on Sunday May 25th, as well as the opportunity to attend all other public events and performances.

Group A: Youths 10 – 14 years
Group B: Youths 15 – 18 years

In order to participate in this portion of the program we will require young dancers to register with the Frankie 100 Youth Program on this site. The fee for the 3 classes is $20.  On the registration page, you will be asked to pay the fee via Paypal to complete your registration.  For this track it is preferable that young dancers have some experience with Swing, Lindy Hop, Partner Dance or other dance training.  The space is limited.  Please register soon to guarantee your spot!   Please register by clicking HERE.

*** In addition to the online registration, the Tracked Frankie100 Youth classes will require participants to sign up with a parent or legal guardian on the day of classes. For all classes, parent/s or legal guardian/s must be in attendance and be fully responsible for their youth.

Other Special Youth Highlights (Open to Everyone):

Historical Presentation–Lindy Hop and Big Apple: A Dance History for Youth:
There will be an engaging presentation given on the history of Lindy Hop and Big Apple geared specifically for young people on Saturday May 24th. The presentation will be given by Adam Brozowski (creator of the Harlem Swings! NYC youth program).

Youth Dance Party:
A special dance party on Saturday for young dancers and families, with the Frankie 100 Youth Staff of teachers at The David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.

Throughout the weekend Youth Program, there will be several special performances given by young dancers for each other, the Frankie 100 event attendees and general public. View the full schedule for details.

Special Guests:
Honored special guests and original dancers Sugar Sullivan and Barbara Billups, instructors, and historians will join the program throughout the weekend to engage with the Youth participants.

Pre-Program Outreach:
To lead up to the Frankie 100 weekend, there will be outreach programs in the month of May to help educate and get kids excited about Lindy Hop and the Frankie Manning 100 Celebration. This Pre-Program Outreach will be in collaboration with the Harlem Swings! after school program, Harlem Children Zone, Hansbrough Rec. Center and more.

Video Compilation:
We would like to put together a compilation of young people around the world enjoying Lindy Hop!

If you are teaching kids or you know someone who does, please send us some footage of the classes or performances with young dancers. Whether it’s a one time class or a regular weekly course, we would love to see what young people everywhere are doing to enjoy the dance we love so much! If you have footage you would like to share, please contact: Jocelyn Hassenfeld at  – The deadline for this footage is April 15th, 2014.

The Frankie 100 Youth Instructor and Guest Line up so far:

Barbara Billups
Barbara Billups was Sonny Allen’s partner after he won the Lindy Championship at New York’s Harvest Moon Ball in 1958. Together with Sugar Sullivan, Barbara was one of the four young ladies of “Sonny Allen and The Rockets” fame. The Rockets, a song & dance revue, grew out of the dancing at New York’s Savoy Ballroom. They traveled across The United States and Canada, entertaining packed audiences in hotels and nightclubs everywhere.

Adam Brozowski
Adam is a 18 veteran of the Swing community and teaches Lindy Hop internationally. Passionate about the outreach of youth, in 2010 Adam founded the Harlem Swings! project which teaches young people in Harlem all about Lindy Hop. Adam is especially honored to be a part of the Frankie 100 Youth team!

Akemi Kinukawa
Being passionate about bringing “dancers” out of everyone, Akemi Kinukawa has extensive experience in teaching Lindy Hop/Swing Dancing to diverse students including youth, special ed students, ESL students, seniors and adults. Currently she teaches weekly classes at You Should Be Dancing…! Dance Center. In addition, she teaches partner dancing to 4th, 5th and 8th graders in public schools as part of Dancing Classrooms, known as “Mad Hot Ballroom.” She has performed and choreographed Lindy Hop routines for various events, including Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center.

Felix Pitre III                                                                                                                        A graduate of NYU, Felix studied Theatre at the Stella Adler Conservatory. It was during his time there that he was first exposed to swing dancing. Since then, Felix has studied Lindy Hop and other vernacular jazz dances with Frankie Manning, Laura Jeffers, Roddy Caravella, Bill Kline and Matt Bedell. He has performed at numerous events throughout New York City, in various troupes such as the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, Lindy Hop All-Stars and Canarsie Wobblers. Felix currently is a teaching artist for Dancing Classrooms, well known from the films Mad Hot Ballroom and Take The Lead. Felix and his partner Jessi Patz are co-founders of the Lindy Hop inspired Ground Grippers Dance Company.

Valerie Salstrom
Valerie Salstrom co-founded the Cleveland based swing dance company Get Hep Swing in 1998. She frequently travels all over Ohio, the United States and the World teaching and spreading her love of swing dance. Her proudest achievement was at the International Lindy Hop Championships in 2011 when members of her elementary school aged swing dance troupe; The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs, took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Junior Lindy Hop Division. She is hopeful that her work with the Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs will inspire more people to become involved in teaching swing dancing to young people.

Ramona Staffeld
Born in Ithaca, New York, Ramona was only 14 when spotted by one of the founding fathers of Lindy Hop, the late, great, Frankie Manning. Still in her early teens, Ramona went on to teach with Frankie, and eventually moved on to perform with some of the most influential lindy hop groups of the modern era: Minnie’s Moochers, Mad Dog and the Silver Shadows. Now based in Melbourne, Ramona travels to teach and dance all over the world, working with students at the Herrang dance camp in Sweden, the International Lindy Hop Championships in New York, Swing Out New Hampshire, the Melbourne Swing Festival, and beyond!

Sugar Sullivan
Sugar Sullivan started her career as a performer, choreographer, teacher and professional dancer at the age of nine. She was a member of the Original Jazz Dancers, a distinguished group of Lindy Hoppers and Hoofers from Harlem’s heyday. Sugar has been featured with the Harlem Blues & Jazz Band, Cab Calloway’s Hi-De-Ho Orchestra, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Count Basie Orchestra, and Panama Francis and his Savoy Sultans among others.

Peter Strom
Peter Strom is one of the most dedicated and well traveled instructors on the lindy hop scene today. His humor in classes is only matched by the clarity and care he takes with his students. Since his start in 1998 he has taught at international dance camps from Australia to South Korea to Herrang, Sweden. In addition to teaching he brings with him his skills as a sought after DJ and experienced Master of Ceremonies. He is currently a member of the renowned team the Silver Shadows and the founder of Uptown Swing in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Naomi Uyama
Naomi discovered swing dancing during her high school years. Since then she has won over 25 international dance competitions and taught workshops around the world. She loves sharing Lindy Hop with young dancers and is happy to be part of the Youth Program at Frankie 100.

Cyle Dixon Jr. and Alexis Davilla
Members of Valarie Salstrom’s The Cleveland Junior Jitterbugs, Cyle and Alexis have been dancing for 4 years. Winning a scholarship to Beantown in 2013, the duo count their experience meeting Norma Miller as one of the most inspiring influences. Last year they won second place in the Junior division of the International Lindy Hop Championships.

Dancing Classrooms
Currently in its 20th year, Dancing Classrooms is a social development program that cultivates essential life skills in children through the practice of ballroom dance. With the goal of bringing ballroom dance to the performance stage, ABrT showcased the talents of top dancers and choreographers from the world of ballroom and social dance. Once such choreographer was the great Frankie Manning. Pierre Dulaine and Yvonne Marceau collaborated with Frankie on a Swing routine for ABrT’s performances at the legendary Joyce Theater in New York City.

Rob Moreland (DJ)                                                                                                              Rob has been dancing Lindy Hop since the late ’90s. He cut his chops DJing every week for several years in Raleigh, NC, and has become a fixture of the Southeastern US Lindy Hop DJ scene in the past 7 years. Aside from playing at regional events and exchanges across the southeastern US, he’s played sets at long-running nationally known venues in LA (Lindy Groove), New York City (Frim Fram), Washington DC (Jam Cellar), and Denver (The Merc). He DJd at the Basie Centennial Ball and has been a DJ and the DJ Coordinator or Head DJ for several years at Lindy Focus. This year he was the featured DJ for Rochester’s infamous Stompology. He was also featured on Yehoodi Radio in March 2007. Rob is known for playing a wide range of tempos and styles, with music chosen to keep the floor full and the dancers happy.

Mike Thibault (DJ)                                                                                                           Mike started dancing Lindy Hop in 1998, and was a founding member of the RIT Swing Club. Since then he has traveled to dance all over the world, and taught in countless local and regional classes and workshops. Mike teaches group and private lessons regularly and holds really rockin’ dance parties at the Lindy Compound. He has also become a sought-after DJ at exchanges, workshops, and camps all over North America, including being head DJ at both Swing Out New Hampshire and Beantown. In 2005 he thought up a crazy idea that ended up being called Stompology, and as of 2012 he is also one of the organizers of the Swing Out New Hampshire. In his spare time Mike likes to noodle around on the saxophone, research jazz and dance history, spend time on various technological nerdery, and enjoy delicious wines and cheeses. Mike is very excited to be bringing the joy of Jazz and Lindy Hop to a new generation of dancers.


Thank you to our Collaborators:

  • National Dance Institute
  • The Harlem Swing Dance Society
  • Harlem Swings
  • Hansborough Recreation Centre
  • Harlem Children’s Zone
  • Dancing Classrooms
  • Vergie Branch
  • Samuel Coleman

We here at the Frankie 100 Youth have been working hard to bring you this program and are very excited to see you all there! We want to encourage you to spread the word to as many young people and youth organizations that you think would be interested in participating as possible!

For more information or if you would like an eflyer to help promote the program please email us at


The Frankie 100 Youth Team:
Adam Brozowski, Akemi Kinukowa & Sing Yuen Lim