5 incredible days in New York City!

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So what are the main events? What does my pass include? (See below these highlights for the full, clickable schedule.)

  • Thursday – Frankie 100 is pleased to put on The Show at Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater (opt-in seatings at 7pm or 10pm) with after parties at the Alhambra Ballroom and Providence NYC until 4am.
  • Friday – Dancing in Central Park by day; if it rains, there is an alternate indoor location for the afternoon dance available to full weekend participants only. By night, the Opening Ceremony of our primary event venue with incredible live music and dancing until 4am at Terminal 5.
  • Saturday – The prelims for the Hellzapoppin’ Competition by day and a special opening presentation entitled “Frankie Manning; Remembering the Man” at Terminal 5, again followed by social dancing to incredible live music until 4am.
  • Sunday – Herräng in an afternoon followed by a New Year’s Eve style party to ring in Frankie’s birthday with dancing to incredible live music until 4am.
  • Monday – Harlem Day with a special ceremony at the Savoy Plaque followed by a parade, presentations and outdoor dancing. In the evening, the inaugural World Lindy Hop Day party and Birthday Gala (opt-in) on Frankie’s actual birthday at Terminal 5 with celebrations and incredible live music until 2am.

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For additional events taking place in New York, please visit http://thisweekinswingnyc.wordpress.com/

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