Dress Code Guide

Frankie 100 will have a variety events that for the purpose of streamlining, we will call Well Dressed, Smart Casual and Casual.

Code Suggestions by Event

  • Thursday daytime activities – Casual
  • The Apollo – Smart Casual to Well Dressed
  • The Alhambra & Providence – Smart Casual
  • Frim Fram – Casual
  • Friday daytime activities – Casual
  • Friday Night Opening Ceremony & Terminal 5 Kick Off- Smart Casual
  • Saturday daytime activities – Casual
  • Saturday night Battle of the Big Bands at Terminal 5 – Well Dressed
  • Sunday daytime activities – Casual
  • Sunday New Year’s Eve style celebration at Terminal 5 – Well Dressed
  • Monday Harlem Day – Smart Casual to Well Dressed
  • Monday Night Gala & Grande Finale Party – Well Dressed

Need some more guidance about what clothing might be appropriate? The following are suggestions only, but might help to give you a better picture: 

Well Dressed – We recommend nice, vintage-inspired attire which would be more dressy and special than what you would wear at your regular weekly Lindy Hop event. This may include vintage-inspired looks like dress shirts, dress pants, and possibly suits and ties for men, and swing dresses or elegant dress pants, skirts and blouses for women.

Smart Casual – This might include dress or polo shirts for men with the possibility of jackets and ties and for women dress pants, skirts or dresses. Think tasteful/respectful without getting super dressed up.

Casual – T-Shirts, Jeans, whatever. Anything goes.

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    Thanking you in advance for any guidance or help you might offer to bring this mini reunion together!!!!

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