Important Frankie 100 Bulletin: Second Chance Registration – Wave 4!

As anticipated in our Quick Sell Out Warning,  tickets for Frankie 100 sold out extremely quickly within each geographical group this week.

  • Wave 1 – sold out in 70 minutes
  • Wave 2 – sold out in 19 minutes
  • Wave 3 – sold out in 10 minutes

However, some duplicate and unpaid registrations have resulted in a small block of tickets remaining… So we are pleased to extend a second chance to register!

  • Wave 4 – The World – Saturday, September 21st

These tickets are extremely limited so please prepare for this opportunity!

*Please note that for Wave 4 the registration form will be for single applicants only. (Registration for 2 people in one form has now expired.)

The moment that the final available ticket has sold in Wave 4, the form will automatically move to collecting Waiting List applicants. Please continue to fill in the Waiting List form which will collect your names in order.

We wish everyone the best of luck and hope to see you at Frankie 100!

2nd Chance

August 2nd – Registration Update

Everyone wants to know, when will Registration open?

Good question!

We’ve updated the following information on our Registration page.

We are planning a special registration process to help give people from all over the world a fair chance at registering for the event. Registration will be opening in 3 waves with blocks of tickets released on each of the 3 days.

Registration Waves

  • Wave 1 – Asia/Australia/New Zealand – tentative date: September 3rd
  • Wave 2 – Europe/Africa – tentative date: September 4th
  • Wave 3 – North & South America – tentative date: September 5th

This is an out of date blog post. Please see the latest registration update here

What packages and pricing will be available?

**Tentative Pricing. Prices subject to change before the time of official registration.

  • Tentative Full Event Package (May 22, 23, 24, 25, 26) – $349.00
    • Package Breakdown
      • Basic Event Pass – $329.00
      • Thursday Show – $10.00*
      • Monday Grand Finale Party $10.00*

*These events are part of the full event but priced separately so that we can manage attendance numbers for these venues. 

  • Event Add-Ons
    • Hellzapoppin’ Competition – $50/couple
    • Workshops – TBA
    • Memorabilia – TBA

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