Building the Frankie 100 Dream Team

Planning an event of such epic proportion can be daunting. There is so much love and passion for this event to take place, and where Frankie Manning is concerned we believe that where there’s a will there’s definitely a way. Though it’s taken some time to build a team of Frankie disciples willing and available to execute the event, we’re sure that everyone will agree that it’s definitely been worth the wait.

The most important part of an event like this is YOU. All of YOU. Lindy Hoppers everywhere. But if you think about it, that’s not “you” in fact, but “us”… Lindy Hop is certainly the most inclusive binding force of nature and exceptional world community that I, for one, have ever experienced. When you learn your first swing dance steps you become a Lindy Hopper and it turns in to WE. We, the Lindy Hoppers of the world, are part of Frankie’s legacy. We are part of something bigger. And that’s what Frankie 100 is going to be all about. We, the Lindy Hoppers of the World, descending from all parts of the world on New York City to celebrate a life and a legacy that has touched us all.

Frankie Manning & Mandi GouldSee you in New York next May!

Mandi Gould
Frankie Manning Foundation

10 thoughts on “Building the Frankie 100 Dream Team

  1. Ever since Frankie 95 I have been waiting for this event. For the last year and a half I have googled “Frankie 100” monthly, and for the last few months, weekly. I can’t wait and am super excited that you are at the core Mandi!

    1. Thanks for your post, Devin! There’s a lot still to do but we’re so excited.

  2. I’ve been promoting this way before I saw it. Something like, “I don’t know any of the details, but there’s gonna be an event and you need to be there. I can tell you it’ll be the weekend of Frankie’s 100th birthday, it’ll be in New York, and it’ll probably be the biggest and best gathering of Lindy Hoppers from around the world since Frankie 95. People that missed Frankie 95 are STILL kicking themselves, so plan ahead! Do what you gotta do, cause this is not something you want to miss!”
    Or something like that..
    Now I’ve got something tangible to point them to! I’ll probably be checking daily for updates and spreading every word as soon as I see it.

    I just love Frankie, and I want to do as much as I can to help and get every single Lindy Hopper to his 100th birthday party!

  3. Can`t wait!

    Brazilian Hoppers will be there to celebrate, dance and share smiles!

    See you all in May!


  4. We Brits loved the Frankie 95 event even though we were sad at Frankie’s passing ; and I have been spreading the word about the 100 event ever since, even though it had not been formally announced !
    So we are on target for this ..KEEP CALM AND SAVE THE DATE !!

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